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James, Santa Fe, NM

I got into annuities because at the time interest on principal was very high (14%).  I did not understand nor trust the stock markets.  I got into 10, 20 year annuities and they have all now been paid back and exhausted.  This fortunately was just as my mortgage was paid off, so it was a wise investment, even though I did not plan the mortgage around this. 

Rose, Albuquerque, NM

Lawrence was recommended by a friend and I am so happy that I called him because I was complaining where I had my money.  Now I feel I can sleep at peace because I get a check every month to help me travel all over the world.

Jose, New Mexico

After the loss of money and the many investments, my brother referred me to Lawrence.   Lawrence recommended a no market risk retirement plan.  Through his leadership & guidance, my investments were put into a no market risk retirement plan.  To date, my investments have been greatly maximized.

Bill, Socorro, New Mexico

A 6 year friendship has changed my future.  With a measly 25 year retirement of $2,500 per year from Education and$1,000 monthly from Social Security.  One cannot retire when he lives in an escalating price world and this was not enough for future living.   I always save my money whenever I received paychecks. 


Lawrence provided me respectful retirement earnings with no market risk annuity investing.  He has locked earnings into monthly checks that provide me with earnings much better than Public Education and Social Security could ever provide me.  They were God sent to help my future retirement needs.  I thought I was going to retire from my golfing skills!  Boy was I wrong.  I am retired from hard work at age 70 ½ and thanks to  Lawrence Castillo’s wisdom of “No Stocks Investing”  but instead “Annuity Safe Investing”. 

Alex, Albuquerque, NM

I invested in an annuity after the sale of my rental property and after one year my annuity grew by 10%.  I took the lifetime income at 70 ½ to begin supplementing my income.  The income gave me the equivalent of the rent I was collecting with no more worry’s about tenants and rental problems.

GV, Albuquerque, NM

In 2009, I changed jobs and rolled over my 401k to an annuity.  The annuity gave me a bonus of 10% and has been growing by 6% annually.  I’m so happy to have secured my retirement savings in a green Safe Money Account instead of the risk of the Mutual Funds they were in.

Patsy G. Santa Fe, NM

My husband received a mailer from Lawrence Castillo several years ago when he was concerned with his retirement. After he reviewed my husband’s retirement, there was no need to change anything. I was also a bit scared about my 401K because I was losing money in the Stock Market. Lawrence helped me rollover mu 401K into a no risk safe money account and i can now sleep at night knowing that I will have all my money for retirement.

P Sandoval Rio Rancho, NM

When my husband was getting ready to retire, he told me he wanted to talk to an old high school friend who was in the retirement planning business. I told him i didn’t think we had accumulated enough money to bother with. He insisted, saying it wouldn’t cost us anything to find out. I’m happy to say that I was wrong. Lawrence was able to setup an annuity with the money we had saved, giving us an income for life.