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Randy Hux Joins an Elite Group of Financial Professionals at Event in NYC

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

Randy Hux Joins an Elite Group of Financial Professionals at Event in NYC

Exclusive Advisor Training Focused on New Retirement Solutions

 Lafayette, LA – Randy Hux, Retirement Specialist at Hux Safe Money Solutions, attended an invitation only conference for elite financial professionals, to learn the newest advanced planning strategies. The invitation-only event provided advisors with fresh insights and new tools to help clients grow and protect their retirement savings. The attendees engaged with some of the world’s largest investment banks and academic thought leaders, including Yale University Professor Emeritus Roger Ibbotson, one of the nation’s most influential experts in asset allocation.

“Traditionally, people nearing or in retirement seek to reduce risk by increasing their allocation to bonds, but today is different,” said Professor Ibbotson. “Today’s low interest rates and longer durations mean that investors may see negative bond returns going forward. Traditional thinking may no longer apply.”

The financial markets are more complex than ever.  “People choose their advisor to help them find solutions. Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative alternatives to help reduce exposure to market volatility, manage retirement risks, and prevent clients from outliving their retirement savings,” says Randy.

Randy Hux was one of just 100 elite professionals from across the nation invited to the event in NYC. “The way Annuity Companies have been able to bring Wall Street and Main Street together make this event truly unique in the industry,” said Randy Hux. “Expert speakers addressed industry-level trends in index design and demonstrated how to eliminate downside risk, benefit from potential market growth, and guarantee lifetime income.”

“This program was designed to help already exceptional advisors become even better.”  “This program provided an unparalleled level of expertise designed around smarter strategies to help meet clients’ retirement goals.”

Randy Hux, a local financial professional in Lafayette, LA, who helps clients prepare for a more secure retirement, is with Hux Safe Money Solutions.  His website is www.landcretirementincomeplanners.com and randyhux.retirevillage.com.


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